2023 Region 1 Championships

to be posted following all State Championships​ (late March)
Region 1 Championships - SCHEDULE PAGE
Schedule process:

​Basic Schedule: this schedule is what we think (hope) might happen. ​DO NOT make
nonrefundable transportation arrangements based on this schedule.  ​We should be able to post this schedule in Dec or Jan when the website goes up.
Tentative Schedule: this schedule will set what levels will compete in which sessions on what days. We have to wait until we get the allotment numbers in from each state (mid February). 8:00am start times are FINAL; all others are plus or minus 30 to 45 min.  Travel arrangements
can be made with this schedule.  We should be able to set this schedule mid-February.
Final Schedule: this schedule will set the final start and end times for each session. We have to wait until we get all of the qualifiers from each State Championships. We should be able to set this schedule the end of March.
2023 Region 1 Championships
to be posted after allotment numbers are in (mid-February)​​
Additional Training for all gymnasts.
As we have done the last few years, there will be additional training for all gymnasts following the last session each day (Thur, Fri, & Sat night).  See Additional Training document on Meet Info webpage.
2023 Region 1 Championships